How does wedding website make your wedding planning easier?

Who else actually RSVPs by post nowadays? ⠀

A #weddingwebsite will allow your guests to easily RSVP online instead of buying a RSVP card or filling out the one you’ve included within your invitation. ⠀

It’s environmentally friendly and so easy to do. Guaranteed most of your guests use a smartphone or have access to the internet so it’ll be a breeze for them. ⠀

It means you’ll also be notified when one of your guests RSVPs and you’ll have an updated list of guests – make it quicker and easier to plan your wedding…As we all know a lot of people forget to RSVP!⠀



Tell your wedding guests how you met
Use Google Maps to direct your guests to your venue
Online Gift Registries, Guestbooks, RSVP and more!

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