Heather & Fred – Couple photoshoot

Heather & Fred

couple photoshoot

Fred, who is from France, was working in Christchurch, and his manager’s niece, Heather, used to come over from Wales to help out with the family business over summer holidays. Fred and Heather started dating a bit, but nothing serious developed straight away. Eventually Fred left for work elsewhere.

Then one summer, four years ago, Fred received a call from his former boss that would change his life forever. Heather was coming back to Christchurch to work at her uncle’s business, much like she did most summers, but had nowhere to stay. Her uncle called Fred to ask if Heather could stay with him. Fred thought this was a strange request at the time, but was delighted he’d be seeing Heather again. Their relationship began the day Heather moved into Fred’s home and they have been together ever since.

For their photoshoot, we went over to the elegant parkland and gardens at Kingston Lacy, in Dorset. Fred and Heather were very easy to photograph and had a lot of fun together, as you can see from the pictures. If you’re wondering why they are sparring in one of the photos, there’s a very good reason for this: Fred is a Thai-boxer and has been training Heather for over a year now. He says she has made amazing progress during this time, and is there to help him practice for his own fights too.

Fred and Heather have recently moved into a new flat together and are looking forward to making it their home.

Veronika has been amazing to work with and delivered stunning photos. Her kind and gentle direction made the whole day very enjoyable. As a result, the photos she provided were not only beautiful, but also captured some unique and genuine moments. Highly recommended!

Frederic Russias Couple photoshoot Heather & Fred